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The Western Highlands - Looking north toward Glen Coe.

Glen Shira was the ancestral homeland of the MacNaughton's

The following images were taken during our trip to Scotland and England in February 2001.

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Looking across the southwest end of Glen Shira where the MacNaughton castle originally stood. A wider view. A view of the bridge at the south end of Glen Shira, just south of Loch Dubh. Looking northeast into Glen Shira across Loch Dubh.
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Ruin in Glen Shira Inverary The bridge into Inverary from the north. Loch Fyne from our Inverary B&B window.
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Dunderave was the MacNaughton castle on the shore of Loch Fyne.  The gate was locked and we couldn't enter the grounds.    A close-up of the shield on the gate to the castle. The castle is currently owned by an American doctor.
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The Inverary Cemetary The older markers lay flat on the ground.  Many have the skull and crossbones emblem on them. The stone of a John MacNaughton. One of the older upright stones.  This one had been broken and toppled.
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The home of the Campbell Duke of Argyle. Another view of the Campbell castle.
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Memorial in Glencoe to the Massacre of the MacDonalds.

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We didn't stay in the Ault Mhor B&B, but we did stay in another B&B across the street.  The owners of these B&Bs are MacDonald sisters.

The previous home which stood on this site was owned by a widowed MacNaughton lady. B&B in the town of Glencoe owned by a family of McDonald's, but on the site where a McNaughton home previously stood.

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Patti and one of the MacDonald's preparing for the commemoration of the Massacre. A home near the southern end of Glen Coe Scene near the southern end of Glen Coe Looking north toward the entrance to Glen Coe.
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The Bridge of Orchy Hotel The Menu
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Patti Sam Approximate location of the Orchy Hotel, south of Glen Coe. A lone tree growing out of a boulder that symbolizes the Scottish spirit.  The boulder is located in the mhor south of Glen Coe.
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Abandoned Campbell castle at Loch Awe.  This castle was struck by lightning and burnt. During our drive north from London, we stopped overnight at this B&B. The Thorndale Guest House was outside of the town of Stonehouse in southwestern Scotland.  It was well designed and well kept.


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