Al Moller - Storm Chaser/Photographer

Someday, perhaps Al will take the time to create his own web site.   In the interim, here are a few photos of Al chasing storms and photographing wildflowers.

moller~1.jpg (9934 bytes) Al Moller photographing a supercell thunderstorm that was over the Canadian River Valley near Dumas, Texas.
Moller.JPG (10679 bytes) Al photographing a rapidly rotating mesocyclone in southern Kansas.
moller_1.jpg (12313 bytes) Chuck Doswell and Al Moller photographing wildflowers in a field located northwest of Canadian, Texas while waiting for storms to fire along the dry line prior to the Meade, Kansas HP supercell on June 14, 1997.
Al_1.jpg (91133 bytes) Photo by Chuck Doswell (used with permission) of Al photographing wildflowers during a storm chase lull.
Al_2.jpg (62044 bytes) Photo by Chuck Doswell (used with permission) of Al contemplating the photographic possibilities of a supercell thunderstorm with a massive overshooting top and a contrasting field of wildflowers in the foreground.
doswell.jpg (13686 bytes) Chuck Doswell looking west at a wall cloud under a supercell thunderstorm near Pampa, Texas during the 1991 storm chase season.

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