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Tintagel on the western coast of Cornwall

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Tin01.JPG (33922 bytes) Tintagel is the mythical birthplace of King Arthur and one of the most beautiful sites we visited.  While most people discounted the legend (current visible ruins are from several centuries after Arthur) new evidence was revealed in 1983 when fires exposed remains of a 6th century settlement.  There were more Mediterranean artifacts found on Tintagel Island than in all the rest of the British Isles combined, indicating that present-day Tintagel was the site of a busy trading port during the time of Arthur. 

As we walked down the road from the town to the entrance of the historical site, we noted one stacked stone wall that was built in a herringbone pattern.  (We will upload photos later.)  Later we read that this is yet another link to the Mediterranean, as that ancient type of structure is only found in one other place - Crete.

Tin03.JPG (28818 bytes) Some of the current "ruins" are actually from when Tintagel was rebuilt in the 1850s.
Tin05.JPG (24543 bytes) Tintagel is an island that once was connected to the mainland by an isthmus or land bridge.  The views from the island are stunning.
Tin04.JPG (23161 bytes) While the vistas we saw when driving through Wiltshire, Devon and other areas of the West Country were verdant and green, in western Cornwall we saw colors that were more autumnal.  This is a view of the area near Tintagel.
Tin06.JPG (27874 bytes) The approach to Tintagel is fairly long and involves many steep steps and is not for the weak-kneed!
Tin02.JPG (12103 bytes) Our first view was at sunset.  Spectacular!