19 April 1995

HP supercell between Mineola and Grand Saline, Texas

Looking west into the inflow notch of  a supercell thunderstorm in an HP configuration.  The center of rotation and the highest updraft rates were located to the right of center just above the isolated tall tree top.  This storm produced a large swath of hail from southwest of Canton to northeast of Mineola.  The town of Grand Saline received both hail and high wind. Click on the images for a larger view.

Rotation strengthened and concentrated in the lowering located just left of center in this image. A brief touchdown occurred just north of highway 80, about half way between Grand Saline and Mineola.  Tree damage was found about 1/4 mile north of the highway.

The circulation contracts, but rapid rotation was visible in the funnel shaped lowering near the center of this image.
Driving west on highway 80 toward Grand Saline, I encountered hail fog that was in a layer about three feet thick between 5 and 8 feet above the ground.   Passing cars cleared tracks in the hail.
More hail fog south of Grand Saline.  Several homes between Grand Saline and Canton received had broken windows and minor roof damage.  A few trees had broken limbs, with isolated trees blown down.

Copyright 1995 - Samuel D. Barricklow - All rights reserved.

These images were made using a Canon ES-5000 Hi-8 video camera and were digitized using Snappy.

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