Las Vegas to Fort Sumner Supercell Thunderstorm Gustfest

June 5, 2003

This day began in Tucumcari and ended near House, New Mexico.  

Click on any image below for a larger version.  

2003060525.jpg (63492 bytes) Looking north at the gust front from a location about 10 miles south of Santa Rosa
2003060519a.jpg (55244 bytes) Looking east at the gust front from a location south of Fort Sumner
2003060526.jpg (52687 bytes) Looking west
2003060527.jpg (48552 bytes) Looking west at Al Moller photographing the storm
2003060529.jpg (64413 bytes) Looking northeast at a departing supercell that was embedded in the line
2003060528.jpg (67480 bytes) Looking west at an elevated supercell which was located on the southwestern edge of the gust front.  It was located about half way between Fort Sumner and Roswell.
2003060520.jpg (52522 bytes) Looking west at the southwestern most storm of the line at sunset.  Look carefully and you'll see a CG.

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