Northeastern New Mexico Supercells

June 3, 2003

This day began in Clayton, New Mexico.  Today looked like a classic eastern New Mexico supercell day!

Click on any image below for a larger version.  (Images from video unless otherwise labeled.)

2003060302.jpeg (86412 bytes) Looking north from a location just north of Roy, New Mexico at a new towers developing in advance of a strong supercell.  Although the towers appear to be highly sheared, note the distant updraft base.  More erect towers were located just behind the new towers in the foreground.  
2003060302.jpeg (86412 bytes)
2003060303.jpeg (80124 bytes) Looking north.  Note the double tail, inflow band structure on the right side of the storm base.
2003060305.jpeg (85868 bytes) Looking northwest.  Note the wild circular banding!
2003060306.jpeg (86783 bytes) The storm appeared very menacing as it approached an isolated farm house a few miles east of Mosquero.
2003060307.jpeg (81287 bytes)
2003060308.jpeg (85297 bytes) Looking northwest as the storm approached the escarpment.  As storms move from the higher elevation near Mosquero, to the lower elevations near Logan, they tend to lose intensity.  
2003060309.jpeg (83332 bytes) The storm stayed on the higher terrain for as long as possible, changing direction from its original southeastward movement to a more southward movement.
2003060310.jpeg (86906 bytes) Looking west-northwest as the storm continues to shrink.  It was still rotating.  
2003060311.jpeg (90213 bytes) Looking east.  After moving off of the higher terrain, the storm turned more easterly, and the base became higher, but it continued to rotate to the end!
2003060312.jpeg (90649 bytes) Looking west-southwest from on top of the caprock, south of Tucumcari.  Several small supercell storms developed in the area, including this one.
2003060321.jpg (58247 bytes) Photo
2003060322.jpg (57726 bytes) Photo
2003060323.jpg (44672 bytes) Photo
2003060324.jpg (41463 bytes) Photo
2003060325.jpg (59319 bytes) Photo
2003060326.jpg (42876 bytes) Photo
2003060327.jpg (43196 bytes) Photo



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